Singapore Events and Things to Do

Singapore Events and Things to Do

There is no doubt that in Singapore you will always find something interesting to do and see. That’s why we recommend you to start planning a trip here. We are sure that you will live some amazing moments and that you will go back home with unforgettable memories. Here are some wonderful Singapore events and things to do.


Listen to Some Classical Music

If you love classical music and you will be in Singapore on the 1st of December, then you must not miss this wonderful event. The Knua Symphony Orchestra is absolutely amazing and we are sure that anyone who likes this type of music will be really impressed by this performance. This orchestra has been established in 1993, and since then it has strived to show the most beautiful performances in its concerts in Singapore, Seoul, and other cities.

Enjoy All the Christmas Events

Given the fact that Christmas is very close you will certainly have plenty to do in this stunning metropolis. There will be plenty of Christmas markets with all sort of activities for adults and children alike, not to mention the fact that you will have the opportunity to try many types of delicious foods, local and international as well. Another exciting event that we recommend is the Christmas Glamour at The Fullerton Hotel. The ballroom here will welcome its guests with a great shopping experience as they will actually browse through a curation of edible treats, arts & crafts, jewellry, stationery, Christmas themed gifts, and a large range of accessories.

Spend a Day Outdoors at the Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are one of the largest green spaces in the city, which you must make sure you don’t miss while you are in Singapore. Here you will also have the chance to see the world’s most extensive orchid garden, which looks absolutely spectacular. The entire place is home to not more and not less than 314 species of plants, and most of them are quite rare. There are also 3 lakes, and the prettiest one is without a doubt Swan Lake which has been named after the mute swans imported from Amsterdam. A highlight of these gardens is the National Orchid Garden where you can see around 600 species of orchids. It is also worth checking out the Ginger Garden with its 250 members of the ginger family.

Shop on Orchard Road

This is the main shopping street in Singapore, a place where you can find lots of things. There is a wide range of departments stores, designer shops, and gleaming malls. You can spend several days shopping here, sustained by the delicious food from the malls’ amazing food courts. If you have been to Oxford Street in London, then you will certainly not be surprised by the atmosphere from here as it is quite similar.

Ride the Singapore Flyer

If you want to try something truly challenging then you must ride the Singapore Flyer. Are you wondering what this is? Well, this is the world’s largest observation wheels that overlook the water near Marina Bay. Keep in mind that if you purchase your ticket online, some discounts are available.

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